Herbal Remedies for Male Infertility

If your sex life has become lackluster due to infertility or sexual energy problems, you and your partner may both feel frustrated and even less confident than usual. While a number of medications can potentially help increase fertility, some natural remedies can help boost sexual virility, notes both MayoClinic.com and the University of Maryland Medical Center. But before giving your man any herbs or supplements, check with his doctor if he is taking any type of medication or has a preexisting health condition such as high blood pressure.


Gingko supplements offer a potential boost to both male and female sexual desire and ability, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Men with erectile dysfunction can especially enjoy some libido-boosting benefits from daily gingko supplementation; the University of Maryland Medical Center advises people to take 50 to 100 mg daily of gingko biloba for increased fertility and sexual energy.

Saw Palmetto

Another tried-and-true herbal remedy for sexual problems is saw palmetto, notes the University of Maryland Medical Center. You can choose from two kinds of saw palmetto: Serenoa repens and Pygeum africanum. If you or your man decide to try Serenoa repens, then you should ingest two 160 mg pills a day; if Pygeum africanum appeals to your situation, then start off with a twice-daily dose of 100 mg each between meals.


The ancient Chinese herb ginseng is potentially helpful in increasing sexuality, according to the MayoClinic.com. For centuries, ginseng has helped men and women reclaim their natural sexual desires; some men have improved erectile function and fertility by taking ginseng supplements. But like most remedies, ginseng isn’t necessarily risk-free. The herb can lower your blood sugar, which is not a good thing if you’re already diabetic. Also, some people experience “manic” episodes of mood when taking ginseng along with their antidepressants.


Vitamins are crucial to good health but can really do the trick when it comes to boosting fertility, notes both MayoClinic.com and the University of Maryland Medical Center. If your man has erectile dysfunction, boosting his zinc intake may bring his sexual ability back to life again. B-complex vitamins, vitamin B6, vitamin C and vitamin E are also all potentially helpful in increasing sexual interest. But keep in mind that even with vitamins you can ingest too much of a good thing; taking too many vitamins can cause health problems such as immune system disorders.



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