Powerful Names for Baby Girls

Many parents would like the new addition to their household to be a powerful force who makes a difference in the world. If you hold this desire, consider giving your little princess a name that symbolizes the power you want her to one day wield. By selecting a powerful name for your baby, you can give her a name fit for taking charge.


Isis is a strong name rooted in Egyptian history. This name served as the title for the most powerful Egyptian goddess. This goddess was, according to Egyptian myth, the daughter of the Sky and the Earth, and the mother of all mankind.


The name Sybil is of Greek origin and means “powerful queen.” This title is also said to mean “prophetess,” representing an individual who has the power to foresee the future or is all-knowing in nature. As ThinkBabyNames reports, this name reached the height of its popularity in 1910 or so, and has since declined, making it an uncommon choice in 2010.


Not only is this name attached to a powerful world leader, it is also a Germanic title which means “ever powerful,” reports Baby Names World. By giving your daughter this title, which is equally powerful and distinctive, you can set her apart from the rest and prepare her to be a strong force.


Athena is the name of the Greek goddess of war, and is a powerful name to attach to a female child. This goddess, for which the ancient Greek city Athens was named, was known for her strength and courage, and is commonly shown carrying weapons and standing in a powerful and dominant position, asserting her superiority and making her abilities known.


The highly unusual name Firmina is of Latin origin. This name, which is a derivative of the Latin word “firminus,” means strong and powerful.


The uncommon name Aziza is of Arabic origins. This name means “powerful and beloved.” By attaching this name to your child, you can make it clear that not only is she strong, she is also a cherished member of your family.



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