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Unusual Names for Baby Girls

While some parents are happy to follow the trends or adopt a classic name for their new addition, others like to mix it up and pick a more distinctive title for their baby girls. If you want your new daughter to bear an unforgettable name, consider selecting an unusual name. This practice is particularly wise if you and your partner prize individuality and creativity above all else.


Most parents want their new daughter to grow to become a trustworthy individual. When selecting your baby name, pick an uncommon name that represents this desire by naming your child Honesty. This name is not overly complex, ensuring that it can be easily pronounced, yet also not commonly used as a baby name, making it an unusual selection.


The name Ocean embodies peace and tranquility as well as depth and abundance. Selecting this eco-inspired name is less common than others, like Meadow or Spring, yet still identifiably connected to the Earth. To make this name even more distinctive, consider adopting an alternative spelling, such as Osean.


The name Lavender represents both a decidedly feminine color as well as a fragrant flower. This name, which shares a similar meaning with the more common Violet, is less frequently used and, as such, it is less likely that your daughter will share a name with someone else in her kindergarten class.


The name Genesis has its roots in the Bible, making it a classic name; however, it was not initially used as a name, making the title an uncommon choice. This name, which means “beginning,” is an appropriate choice to represent the start of something new or the beginning of the new life you have created. Because this name can be shortened to a more common Gen or even Jen if your child would prefer, your daughter has the luxury of not going by this uncommon title if she does not appreciate the originality of the name.

Mom and Dad Name Hybrid

If seeking an uncommon name that is truly representative of you and your partner, consider creating a hybrid by combining your two names to form a joint name for your infant. For example, parents named Katherine and Ryan might combine their names to produce the name Kyan for their new little princess, or a couple with the names Sarah and John may opt to create a combined name and call their new child Jorah.

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