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What to Wear Swimming When You’re Pregnant

Swimming is a relaxing, invigorating exercise for pregnant women. It’s a low-impact option, that keeps pregnant women healthy without putting strain on the joints or legs. However, unless you have a very private pool, you will need to find a good-fitting, comfortable swimsuit to wear in order to workout by swimming.


A swimsuit for while you are pregnant must be as functional as it is fashionable. You need something with room for your belly. You will need something with plenty of coverage and support, especially as your breasts grow throughout your pregnancy. Look for a top with an especially supportive option that will comfortably keep your body contained as you swim. Constantly adjusting will prove frustrating and may cause you to give up all together. If there are other places, such as your rear, that cause you concern, look for suits that address that area.


Talk with other pregnant women about what they have found comfortable. They can also tell you about the sizing and quality of particular brands. Talk to others at your gym or pool who have similar workouts to you. Also talk to your doctor about which exercises you can do safely. That will hep you understand which parts of you will be bouncing and moving and which parts need to stay still. Visit a maternity clothing store or maternity section of your favorite store for the latest trends.


Two-piece swimsuits are a great option for pregnant women. Over the course of your pregnancy, your belly will grow exponentially. A two-piece bikini covers your bottom and top, letting the middle expand as it will. This can be a great investment in the beginning or middle of your pregnancy that you can have until the end and even after you give birth.


If the size of your belly or your ever appearing stretch marks are a source of embarrassment for you, you may want to consider a two-piece suit with a top that reaches past your belly, often called a tankini. These offer the stretching and adjusting of a two piece while still covering your belly. Again, look for a supportive top that can help keep your breasts in check. You may want a top that covers your belly with pleats or folds that allow easy stretching as you grow.

Full Coverage

If the two-piece option is just not for you, you can find a variety of one-piece options that will be flattering, comfortable and well fitting. Try them on when possible. Don’t assume that because it says maternity it will fit you correctly. Everyone’s body, even when pregnant, is different. Don’t settle for something unflattering, either. Let your swimsuit show off your assets, hide your sensitive areas and make you look your best. If you have been working so hard to exercise and stay healthy, you should show off the resulting body.

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