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Flirting with Forty

As I enter my forties I am starting to take a look at my life.  Growing up I imagined myself in a beautiful house with children playing quietly in their spotless rooms.  In the evenings the house would fill with the wonderful aroma of dinner as I waited for my husband to come home from work.  Dinner would be served on our fine china and over the soft voices of our little angels we would look lovingly into each other’s eyes.  

The reality is I am a single mom who lost the big house and is now living in a tiny rental with six kids under 15. I spend my days getting GI Joes out of the toilet, explaining that you can not cut your hair like you do your Barbie’s, convincing myself that ketchup on a hotdog counts as a vegetable, and checking homework that is well above what I remember from school.  
I may be flirting with forty, my boobs may be in a race to my ankles and my dating prospects may be non-existent…but I am taking my life back.  Somehow I am going to get my body back, find true love, become tech savvy, raise six amazing kids, become a better radio show host, get my house organized, learn to cook a meal in 30 minutes like Rachel Ray, be more adventurous, learn to dance and not eat as much chocolate.  
Okay… maybe I am expecting too much of myself.  Scratch the not eating chocolate; I will work on that when I am fifty. 

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