Let’s Talk About It
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Let’s Talk About It

Whenever there is something I don’t want to talk about, I know it is something I probably should talk about.
I go by this as a general rule of thumb in life. It is also one of the hardest rules to live by because obviously YOU DON’T WANT TO! This picture reminds me of that.

The things you don’t want to talk about the most, if you force yourself too, it usually sets you free, heals you, and helps you live honestly. This is especially important in a marriage, in my honest opinion.

The next time you get that feeling in your gut, the I don’t want to talk about it feeling, consider doing the exact opposite. Maybe not in that particular moment. Sometimes it helps to meditate or reflect on it first, but get it out! I think you’ll be better off for it.

Do you have any rules of life that you try to live by? Please share them with me!

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