2 Tips to Get More Bang for Your Buck
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2 Tips to Get More Bang for Your Buck

Sunset in Idaho


Today I am sharing with you two tips that don’t have a whole lot to do with one another except for the fact that I consider meditation and financial freedom to both contribute to a healthy lifestyle. With that great introduction out of the way we will move right into the tips 🙂

Meditation: Deeper Relaxation

When meditating consider turning on soundscapes music to help achieve a deeper relaxation. It evokes a feeling of being closer to nature, which is a good thing when you’re meditating between 4 walls in the winter. Of course the random thoughts such as- Oh No! I gave my 2 year old daughter an apple yesterday and never searched for where it ended up. Where is it and what is it growing? Those still find their way in, but sweet birds chirping, the bubbling spring, and the sound of rain, all help to wash the thoughts away. If you have an especially loud house you may even want to consider turning the music up a titch. Consider it all in the name of deeper relaxation.


Budget Planning: Get the Most Bang for your Buck

While planning a budget for the next week or two, I find it very helpful to have finance shows such as Suze Orman or Til Debt Do Us Part going on in the background. There is something about listening to viewers call in and ask Suze if they can afford to buy something that makes you want to rethink your numbers and see if you can improve. If you’re like me you might catch yourself starting to repeat Suze’s powerful quotes while you work, such as "Live below your means but within your needs.” It is a useful thing to have on your mind while budget planning.


Today’s Question:
Have you ever tried visual meditation?

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