9 Things You NEED In Your Diaper Bag
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9 Things You NEED In Your Diaper Bag

Organizing a diaper bag can sound easy…. until the day you realize that you are out and about around town, your baby has a very nasty diaper and rash and you’re stuck in a restaurant with some relatives.

It is this moment, when you will wish you had more supplies in your diaper bag.  Now, I’m not suggesting that you carry everything with you, just the essentials.  Try to imagine the basic sticky and messy situations and stock your diaper bag accordingly. .

Here are nine things new moms shouldn’t leave home without:

1. An extra clean outfit

2. Extra diapers

3. Baby wipes

4. Diaper cream

5. Plastic bag for disposal

6. Extra formula or bottle of milk

7. A quick snack or baby food jar

8. Tylenol  for baby or you

9. Bib and baby cloth for spit up

Whenever you return home from an outing, remember to refill your bag with new supplies.  If you don’t want to overload your diaper bag, consider leaving these items in the car in a “car bag” – and in that case add some baby toys and a change of clothes for yourself.

Remember, the best way to enjoy your time out with the baby is to be prepared!

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