Smartphone Apps to Help You With Your Taxes
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Smartphone Apps to Help You With Your Taxes

Many people fear tax time, but it really isn’t that difficult. There are a lot of resources that can help you properly fill the tax forms so that you get the right amount of money back, and there are even some great smartphone apps that are specifically created to make tax time even easier.

These are the best and most helpful apps that you can use to help with your taxes. Most of them work with both iPhone and Android smartphones.

TurboTax SnapTax

If you are submitting a 1040EZ form, then this is definitely the best app to use for taxes. This free app reduces the entire process of filing your 1040EZ form to just a few seconds. Take a picture of your W2, ensure the details are correct and then submit the document.This app is free, but it costs $20 to file your form. The only problem with the SnapTax app is that it’s only good for 1040EZ forms. If you have kids or made more than $100,000, then you’ll need something else. [TurboTax SnapTax is available here for iPhone and Android]


Do you want to know the approximate amount of money you’ll owe or be refunded after your taxes are done? The TaxCaster app allows you to enter information about your income and withholdings so that you get a fairly accurate estimate about how much money you should expect to get or pay. While the estimate is a little off since there are many factors that the actual tax forms will take into account that this app won’t, it will help you prepare for tax time. This is very useful for freelancers or anyone that doesn’t have automatic withholdings. [TaxCaster is available here for iPhone and Android]


Mint is a website and app that takes information about your bank accounts, credit cards and other financial information to create a sample report of all of your earnings and transactions. The great thing about the Mint app is that you can use it to easily file your taxes. Not only does Mint save all of your information to make filing much quicker, but it can actually integrate with the TurboTax app. If you have both apps working at the same time, then you can finish your taxes within minutes. [Mint is available here for iPhone]

H&R Block Mobile

The H&R Block Mobile app won’t let you file your taxes from your iPhone or Android smartphone, but it does have some very useful features. H&R Block is the best place to go if you have more complex returns and you need to talk with someone. This app will help you make an appointment, and there are many tools and modules that will show you what documents you need, about how much money you will get or owe and other features. If tax time is usually hectic for you, then H&R Block Mobile can help simplify the process. [H&R Block Mobile is available here for iPhone and Android]


The last app to help with taxes is the IRS2Go app. This app directly connects you to the IRS website so that you can easily browse their useful articles, and you can even check the status of your refund. The other useful feature is that this will help you check any IRS changes so that your tax return is correct before filing it. [IRS2Go is available for iPhone here and Android here]

There are a lot of great apps available for your Apple or Android smartphone when it’s time to do your taxes, and these are just a few of the best. If you need help filing your taxes, scheduling an appointment to see an accountant or getting an estimate of your tax returns, then try the apps above.

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