Why Do So Many Women Have Good Housekeeping Guilt?
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Why Do So Many Women Have Good Housekeeping Guilt?

Do you feel guilty about your “messy house?”

Working Mother Magazine touched on a sore spot when it asked working mothers about the cleanliness of their households and whether they ever feel guilty about their housekeeping.

While 73 percent of the mothers said the onus of tidying up falls to them, 68 percent said they “feel guilty that their homes aren’t clean enough.” Sixty percent of those respondents also said that not only do they feel “judged” by others about the condition of their home, they also blame themselves if the house isn’t clean because they equate being a “good mother” with keeping one’s home clean.

“In an era when women run house subcommittees on energy, homeland security and financial services, we still care a lot about the state of our own houses,” the magazine reported. “Despite all our progress, dust, dirty dishes and kid clutter still shame us. Why? And what can smart moms do to give ourselves a break?”

How often do you feel guilty about your housekeeping?

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