Interview 4 Inspiration- Sara Westbrook – Motivational Speaker, Singer & Songwriter
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Interview 4 Inspiration- Sara Westbrook – Motivational Speaker, Singer & Songwriter

Interview 4 Inspiration is a new series.  Here you will find a series of questions answered by inspirational people.  People who have inspired me in one way or another, either through knowing them personally or through their work.   I believe people are the best sources of inspiration; therefore it gives me great pleasure to share a little more about them with you in a series of questions.

Today, I have the honor of sharing with you an incredibly inspiring woman, Sara Westbrook.  Sara is a motivational speaker/singer/songwriter.  She also writes an advice column ‘My Voice Your Choice’.  And if that weren’t enough Sara loves to bake and stars in some wonderful baking videos on You Tube, which I highly encourage you to watch after you read her inspirational interview!  Her warm, caring personality, and passion for spreading a positive message with the world in order to help empower others, makes Sara truly remarkable.

It gives me great pleasure to now say…

Please Welcome, Sara Westbrook!

Interview 4 Inspiration
Sara Westbrook
Motivational Speaker, Singer, & Songwriter

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NameSara Westbrook 

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

At 3 years old I told my Mum I am going to be a singer!”

Five years later, I started taking voice lessons and entering singing competitions.

While I was enthusiastically pursuing my singing career, my Mum decided to enroll me into motivational courses at the age of 11. I ended up using the information I learned to deal with some of the more challenging issues in my life such as my parents’ divorce, low self-esteem, and the death of my Dad.

When I was 18 I was singing at a local mall and a school principal asked me to perform for her students. My show ended up being more than just music. During the question and answer part of the show, the students started asking me general questions about my life. Then the conversation with the students evolved into questions about life issues. I ended up answering them by sharing my personal experiences and how I had dealt with them.

I soon realized that young people were hungry to learn tools to help them move through their life situations. Knowing that music is a powerful way to communicate and grab people’s attention, I started including a life tool in every song I wrote. I also realized that young people relate best to a combination of singing and speaking which lead me to create UPower® Concerts.

Also, I am a part of another project called One More Memory.  The song One More Memory was written as a gift to Heath and Dallas, children of Brenda Hounam, 58, who has Alzheimer’s disease. She wanted her children to have a way to remember that even though the disease will steal her mind, it could NEVER rob her of her love for them. The song One More Memory is an ongoing reminder of her legacy of love.
For the last 6 years my Mum, Brenda & I have travelled around the world as the One More Memory team providing Hope and Possibility to a disease that seems hopeless and impossible.

To learn more about One More Memory please visit

What are you currently focusing your energy on in your life?

My UPower® Concerts – I am a motivational speaker/singer/songwriter. I created UPower concerts, which combine speaking & singing, to share a message to youth about the Power of Choices. UPower is our own personal power to make great choices regardless of the circumstance.  

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What does a typical day look like for you?

Wake Up – always a good thing :o) Check my Facebook & Twitter – update the status. Answer my emails, then off to the gym. If I am not at a school performing a UPower concert then I am writing My Voice Your Choice column or doing a videolog. Both are geared to young people….oh and of course breakfast :o) 

What are your favorite family or solo activities?

I love to make vegan desserts & cook with natural ingredients. I enjoy painting, writing, exercising, and going out for dinner with family & friends. 

When you hear the word happiness what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Laughter – lots of Laughter with family & friends. 

What makes you beautiful?

I believe that what makes people beautiful is when they are confident in their own skin- when they love their uniqueness and make the best out of what they have been given. I know that somewhere along the way it can be difficult to love our ‘uniqueness’. I struggled with it, starting at about grade 6.

Comparing myself to others was very natural for me & most of the time I just couldn’t measure up in my mind.
I judged myself harshly & became at war with my body in my early teens. I was rejecting my body and my true self at an alarming rate. Although I wore a smile & appeared confident on the outside, inside I was frustrated and sad.

I would admire those who looked so happy when they ate & did it without a care. They didn’t seem worried about their weight/their body image. They would laugh & joke with friends when out to dinner. They seemed so free. They seemed so confident with themselves. That is what I wanted to be.

I am fortunate I was conscious of my destruction & with time & lots of self work I have come out the other side stronger than ever.

I started to just be the best me I could be for Me. I started to accept & love what I was given, my bone structure, my muscle build. I took it one day at a time.

When you truly love your body & who you are, that is living, that is happiness- that is Beautiful! I am committed to choosing me!

I am committed to being on my team!

I am Taking Life One Good Choice at a time! 

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What was a favorite activity of yours as a child?

Singing – anywhere, anytime. I would create my own stage and use a carrot as my microphone. When I wasn’t singing I loved to swim. I can remember as soon as my Dad walked in the door from work I would ask, ‘Daddy can you watch me in the pool?’ 

If you could get paid to do anything what would it be?

What I am doing now – My UPower® Concerts & writing my advice column ‘My Voice Your Choice’ for young people. 

What is one area of your life you would like to improve?

Taking time for myself- example: being okay with allowing myself to have a nap if I needed one. Sometimes I feel guilty because I tell myself I have too much to do.

What is one responsibility you would love for someone else to take over?

I would love for someone to come up with a UPower tour bus and driver. Speaking with young people across North America is my passion. 

Celebrating in life can bring so much joy!  Do you have a favorite holiday you celebrate?

Christmas. I really enjoy celebrating & spending time with family. I have an awesome family and being with them at Christmas brings so much Joy!!

What is one life lesson you have learned and would like to share with others?

It is not as much what happens to us as it is the choices we choose to make from what happens to us. I believe that it is the choices we make that define us not our circumstances. 

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How can others best give you support?

By sending encouraging emails, booking my UPower concerts and buying my CDs :o)

Thank you very much Sara for inspiring us and for empowering others to live amazing lives one good choice at a time.

Have a great Friday and weekend friends!  Now go watch her fantastic videos! J 

Be sure to find Sara Westbrook online here:

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