Space to Breathe
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Space to Breathe

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A few days ago after the children went to bed my husband and I watched the movie The Joneses.  You can follow the link to watch the trailer.  Both hubby and I thought it was a great movie with a wonderful lesson.

Without giving too much of the movie away, it reminded us of how much we are bombarded with stuff and never ending sales pitches.  You are almost made to feel as if you need numerous material possessions to be happy.  Not only that, you need the newest and the best.  The reality is that none of that makes you happy in the long run.  You may receive a temporary high or moment of excitement when you purchase a new gadget, but the majority of it is short lived.

Having a large quantity of stuff, more than you can use, whether it is clothes, shoes, toys, or kitchen gadgets clutter your home, your mind, and your life.  Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy my camera and my kitchen aid mixer.  Both things enhance my passions for photography and baking, but there are so many things around my house that simply are unnecessary and that are not adding any amount of happiness.

Quality over quantity when it comes to purchases for my household is the direction I would like to go.  Quality doesn’t have to mean expensive either, more that it is something I will truly get good use out of.  Going to the mall now, although my attention does get drawn to new pretty things, I take a breath and think to myself is it something I really need?  Is there an item I can remove to make room for this new one so that I don’t continue to add to the number of things around our house?  Is it something I need to save up for, and if so how long would it take me to do that?  Is it worth saving for?

Having a few quality pairs of pants that fit and hold up well is so much nicer and easier than having tons of pants that are not that great and take up space.  I am truly a work in progress and one day I would like for all of my closets and drawers to have space left in them.  Space to breathe.

Can you help me on my mission?  Do you have any tips for clearing out and organizing closets, drawers, and storage areas?  How often do you de-clutter?  Do you set aside time every month?  Please help a girl out!

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