5 Cool Back to School Apps for Your Kid
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5 Cool Back to School Apps for Your Kid

There’s an app for nearly everything you could think of! Technology makes everything just a little bit simpler. So, why not make the transition back to school easier? Whatever you need to help your kids prepare – there’s an app for that! (the links to all of these kid-friendly apps are below)

For Your Little Artist

Kid Art for iPad is perfect for your little artist. Your kid can let their imagination run wild as they draw, use animal and object stamps, color and save their masterpieces to show you later. You can download this app for your iPad for just $0.99.

For Your Little Mathematician

Ever thought you’d hear your kid ask, “Can I do math?” Well, if you get the Math Magic app, designed for your iPhone or iPad, then you could hear these magical words coming out of YOUR kid’s mouth! Learning math for your little one is fun and encouraging using this app, with vibrant colors and a star reward system. Help your kid discover the fun in math for just $0.99.

For Your Little Stargazer

Get the Star Walk app, an interactive guide to astronomy, for your starry-eyed kid. Some cool features include a digital compass that recalibrates to find your current position, a ‘sky live’ window that shows the moon phases for the next several days, and a ‘picture of the day’ where your curious kid could discover thousands of stars, planets and constellations. Even though this app is available for your iPhone, it looks absolutely stunning on the bigger screen of an iPad (for $4.99).

For Your Little Master of Foreign Languages

The Flashcards for iPad app combines learning and having fun. It’s the perfect learning tool for pre-schoolers, especially as they discover a second language (either Spanish or French). This is a great introduction for young kids to learn a second language, especially in a bi-lingual household. It teaches kids how to pronounce letters and recognize words. Get it for your iPad for $3.99.

For Your Little Explorer

Does your kid have a burgeoning love for geography and exploring different places around the world? Then the 123 World Geography HD Coloring Book for iPad is the perfect app for him or her. Like the app above, it’s also a great tool for introducing kids to Spanish, French, German or English as it includes voice-overs of numbers and letters spoken in all of these languages. It includes 10 world maps that identify the names of cities, capitals, countries, continents and oceans and even has a live embedded Goggle Satellite Maps. This might even be a great refresher for mom and dad, too! Get it for just $1.99.

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