Why Your Man Should Eat Less Meat & More Veggies
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Why Your Man Should Eat Less Meat & More Veggies

You’ve heard it over and over again – Real Men Eat Meat! Now you might be asking yourself what does this have to do with us Modern Moms? Well, as moms, we want our kids’ fathers to be healthy, right? And how about having enough energy left over at the end of the day to spend quality (think sex) time with you, too! Besides, as moms, girlfriends and wives, we want to have sleek toned muscles too, right? Believe me girls — those Skinny Bitches were on to something!

More Plant Strong Diets

If your husbands and boyfriends are overweight, have high cholesterol and/or high blood pressure, they MUST decrease the amount of cooked animal products they consume to lower their bad cholesterol (LDL) and fight disease like cancer. I’m not saying they must abandon meat altogether, but their diets must become more PLANT STRONG.

Typical American Diet

Did you know that there is a lot of protein in nuts, beans, fruits, vegetables, rice and grains? Eating a well-balanced combination of these every day will give you all the protein you will ever need without the excess disease-causing plaque that comes from cooked animal fats. Everyone MUST know their cholesterol numbers. Some of us may have satisfactory cholesterol numbers, but if you were raised on the typical American diet of meat and processed foods, chances are you are at risk of having high cholesterol.
Don’t get me wrong, cholesterol is an essential element in our bodies and we would die with out it. What I am talking about here is the dangerous LDL cholesterol (plaque) that comes from cooked animal fats, processed foods and overly oxidized plant oils.

A Salad, With a Side of Meat

Now it’s time for me to be honest here; I am from Texas and was raised on BBQ and actually love it when it is really good and from grass fed beef. The good news is my father was raised on a farm and my mother was hands down “The Best Cook in the South” (massive prejudice here), so along with those meat-filled meals, we had the most colorful array of fresh vegetables. The vegetables always outweighed the meat on my plate. So, make sure your big, strong healthy carnivore husband is eating more plants than meat. A large raw salad loaded with enzymes would be ideal. I’m not talking about the small side salad loaded with ranch dressing or the iceberg lettuce on top of their burgers either.

For Your Benefit

So I leave you ladies with this to ponder — why do some men need Viagra and others don’t? Well, it’s all about the blood flow, ladies. So if you’re man consumes a lot of meat and not enough plants, chances are he is building up plaque and cholesterol in his arteries and potentially putting himself at increased risk for, let’s just say, “flaccid management.” No one wants that — make sure he eats a salad tonight!

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