Back to School Style: Denim is Always the Right Choice
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Back to School Style: Denim is Always the Right Choice

Denim is always the right choice when it comes to kid’s clothing. It’s easy, durable and versatile. Here are ways to cater denim pieces to your kid’s individual needs.

Little Girls

A young girl wants to be chic and comfortable. She would love a pair of skinny jeans that are both stretchy and fashionable. Skinny jeans are best paired with a cute top and flats. You can deck your daughter out in a pair from The Children’s Place for under $15! A denim jumper or skirt is also a great choice for a girl who likes to dress girly but stay casual as well.

Little Dudes

A young boy needs jeans that are simple yet sturdy. Try a bootcut or straight pair that comes with 5-pocket stitching. Choose a dark wash so that stains are less visible, because boys can get rowdy and dirty. Make sure to get a tough fabric because skinned knees can easily ruin a less resilient pair of jeans.

Preschool Tots

A toddler needs denim that stays on. So, overalls are the perfect choice. Denim overalls are soft, stretchy, and come with adjustable straps and snap plackets for easy dressing and diaper changing. A denim diaper cover is another great option to dress up a baby that prefers not to wear too many clothes.

Always in Style

Denim never goes out of style. Try to get your kid’s input when buying a denim piece because, if they like it, they will be happy to wear it. Remember: whether it’s bedazzled or distressed, skinny or bootcut, you can’t go wrong with denim.

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