Would You Tell Your Kids You Smoked Pot?
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Would You Tell Your Kids You Smoked Pot?

I’m having a dilemma – I have two kids, ages 13 and 15 and a serious discussion ahead of me. I’m remaining anonymous and won’t post my picture here on ModernMom because I don’t want my kids or friends to know it’s me. And lately, my kids have been asking me about smoking pot. They want to know if I smoked, when I smoked, what did I do in high school, college. I honestly don’t know what to tell them.

The Truth Is…

The truth is that I did experiment a lot in high school and at frat parties in college. And, I have to admit that every once in awhile if it’s around when I’m with my friends at a party, my husband and I will take a hit. I would never do it before driving or when the kids are around. I’m an adult, right?

Do I Tell Them the Truth or Do I Lie?

How do I look at them with a straight face. Do I tell my kids the truth? Do I lie? Should I be honest with them about my past? I need help — I have never lied to my kids about anything and I don’t feel totally right doing it, but is it for their own good? I don’t want to be a hypocrite but I also don’t want my kids to lose respect for me. What if they decide to experiment with pot? Are they too young to know this about their mom and dad — should I wait until they’re older to confess the truth and just brush off their questions until then? Do they really need to know what I did in high school and college? Is it any of their business? Any advice? What do you think?

Say “No” To Drugs

Don’t think I’m advocating pot, because I certainly am not. I have always taught my kids about the dangers of drugs and explained at length that smoking and drugs do not make you “cool” and the importance of respecting their bodies. I’m torn up about what to say and I’m so against them doing it but then again, look at me. I’ve heard parents who tell their kids they will smoke with them if they are curious to make sure they are in a safe situation. I would never do that – do people really do that? I can’t imagine…


The author of this is a mom that wrote into ModernMom and is asking the community for advice and does not represent the views of ModernMom. We do, however, think this is an interesting question and would love to hear your opinions on this delicate matter.

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