List of Super Foods to Keep Kids Healthy
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List of Super Foods to Keep Kids Healthy

If you are like many moms, preparing meals that your kids will gladly devour without coaxing is one of your central concerns. When deciding upon what components to place on your kid’s plate, consider some super foods that, along with being tasty, also have health benefits. Many foods can be nutritious and delicious choices.


Cocoa is a common kid-pleaser that is also quite nutritious for developing children. As CNN reports, this food is rich in flavonoids, which are tied to blood pressure reduction and improved heart and oral health. Serve your kid up a steaming cup of hot cocoa, or prepare some bite-sized cocoa cakes for your kid to enjoy.


Soy has cholesterol-lowering powers, reports WebMD. While it may seem difficult to coax your kid to down soy, moms can try options like chocolate soy milk to get this component into their kids’ diets without engaging in a food war.


Blueberries are not just tasty, but they are also rich in antioxidants. As CNN reports, this super food has also been found to improve brain function and contains chemical compounds that are tied to the burning of belly fat. By preparing some blueberry smoothies or adding a handful of these berries to your pancake batter, you can get your kids to eat this healthy food.


Yogurt is inexpensive, easy and healthy, reports Canadian Living. This creamy concoction contains components that promote immune system development and can help improve digestive health. Select from an almost limitless array of flavors to find one or two that suit your child’s palate.


Tomatoes are rich in the lycopene which has been tied to the reduction in cancer prevalence, reports CNN. Many kids love piling ketchup on their foods, which makes tomato consumption an easy sell for most moms. Also try mixing tomatoes into common kid favorites, like mac and cheese.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are more than just a Thanksgiving Day treat. As Canadian Living reports, these root veggies are rich in an array of nutrients, including beta carotene, vitamin E, vitamin B6, potassium and iron. Because these veggies, unlike many of their food pyramid relatives, are sweet, kids often down them more willingly. Trade the standard baked potato for this sweet option, or mix up some sweet mashed potatoes or sweet potato fries.

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