How to Naturally Cure a Hangover
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How to Naturally Cure a Hangover

Did you enjoy one too drinks this holiday weekend? Here are a few tips on how to naturally cure a hangover.


The most important thing is rehydrate your body properly. Drink lots of water, or if you prefer you can drink lots of fruit juice (natural fruit juice mind you). The best juices to drink are cranberry, grape, apple and orange juice (the extra boost of Vitamin C will also help). Avoid sodas or any diet drinks, this will just dehydrate your body more.


No Coffee: Coffee is a diuretic and will just dehydrate your body. Caffeine in general should be avoided.


Carbohydrates will actually help soothe your stomach. The best carbs would be pasta or crackers. Stick to lighter carbs, avoiding whole grains and darker grains. Your best bets are butter crackers and plain pasta. In general, just stick to lighter colored carbs. Also avoid heavily salted crackers or salty sauces.


Vitamins: You should take a multi vitamin to help restore your nutrients.

Rest Up

Extra Rest: Getting extra sleep will help you deal with the hangover in the morning. Try to give yourself a couple extra hours of sleep. If you happen to wake up and decide to go back to sleep, drink some water and take your vitamin first, this will help your system get back to normal before you wake up.

Juice Works

If you’re having trouble with nausea, you should try drinking fruit juice. Adding a sprinkle of ginger to your juice will also help. If you drink ginger ale, try to use real ginger ale, and let it go flat before drinking it.

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