Super Bowl Sunday
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Super Bowl Sunday

Did you watch the big game?

Sunday was an exciting day for football fans as the Baltimore Ravens faced off against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII. 

This year’s champions: the Baltimore Ravens, who took home the title in a 34 -31 victory over the 49ers.

Beyonce rocked the stadium with a high-energy halftime show that included a surprise appearance by the other members of Destiny’s Child!!

But perhaps the most suprising part of the event didn’t take place on the field…. about 90 seconds into the second half of the game, a power outage caused half of the stadium to go dark!

The power failure caused a 35 minute delay of game, as players stretched and tried to stay loose on the sidelines. It was “one of the oddest, most embarrassing moments in Super Bowl history,” wrote the New York Times.

An interesting end to an exciting season.

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