Easy Steps to Beat Stress Now!
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Easy Steps to Beat Stress Now!

Whether you are a full time parent or the head of a company, the stress can zap your energy. It’s hard to be patient and present when your batteries are totally depleted. When you are on an airplane, the first thing they tell you is, “in case of an emergency, make sure to put your mask on before assisting your children.” This is a great metaphor for parenting. How can you possibly give to another when you are completely drained and have nothing left to give?


Just as important as it is to be there for your children, it is critical to tune into, listen and follow what you need and to take the time to recharge. Sometimes we get so busy taking care of everyone else we lose the connection to what we need . A simple exercise I do with my clients to help reconnect them is breath work.

1. Position Yourself

Get in a comfortable seated position or if you are more comfortable lying down then that’s fine too

2. Breathe Slowly

With your left hand on your heart and right hand on your belly, slowly begin breathing through your nose. Take in deep slow breaths for the count of 3 then exhale out of your nose slowly for the count of 3. Breathe deep into your heart and belly. Repeat this 3 times.

3. Inhale Calm

Now, on the inhale begin breathing in words and feelings like peace, love and calm. On the exhale, breath out stress, tension and fear. Breathing in what you need and breathe out and let go of what you don’t. Let the words flow in and out. Keep going until the words and feelings you don’t want stop coming to you.

4. Be Open

Breathing into your heart and belly, simply ask: What do I need right now? If nothing comes, ask again. If you get an answer that doesn’t make sense sit with it and ask for clarity. Be open and just go with it — it may seem silly at once, but it actually works.

An Example

The other day I did this with a client of mine who was 5 weeks pregnant. I asked her what she needed and the first thing she said was time. I then asked her what this meant to her. She said time alone, to prepare, to digest that I am pregnant, quiet time, time with my husband and to settle in my new home. She had been traveling and working non-stop. She needed some space in her life to just be, process and prepare (together we created a program for more space and time for her in her life). When we were finished she looked at me and said “Oh my God, I had no idea I felt this way.“

About Lori Bregman

Intuitive Healer, inspirational Life-Coach, Doula, & Transformational Body-Worker. Lori Bregman has over twenty years of experience assisting clients transform their lives and getting them onto their own healthy and unique paths.

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