Baby Girl Nursery Ideas
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Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

Explore the wide variety of baby girl nursery ideas, and remember to not get mired down in traditional colors. Decorating a nursery is so much fun because it’s a time full of planning and hope. Whether decorating before the baby comes or after the baby girl arrives, the nursery is a place of quiet wonder, hope and promise for the future. Enjoy choosing from a variety of colors, styles and themes.

Think Pink

Pink is a popular color for little girls and is considered traditional when it comes to baby girl nursery themes, clothing and accessories. The minute people find out it’s a girl, all gifts appear to be hosed down in Pepto-Bismol. If pink is the way to go, vary the shades to allow for deeper, dusky rose on the walls and paler, softer pinks in the crib. Floral patterns do well with pink accents, but avoid metallic frames that can look harsh against the soft colors.

With dusky rose on the walls, go for neutral colors on the carpet. Go for solid white wood furniture for the baby crib, changing table and rocker. The white wood is a really nice offset from the pink and keeps the pink from overwhelming the room. White mini-blinds and floral window valences provide shade for afternoon naps.

Think Outside the Box

Blue isn’t just for baby boys. In fact, soft blue walls with white trim make for a very soothing combination and promotes calm. Darker mini-blinds are ideal for creating a shadowy, quiet nursery for the afternoon nap. A soft oak crib with character crib sheets and blankets can feminize the room. The sleigh crib is another great idea.

Creative moms can go the extra mile and decorate the ceiling with blue skies and white clouds or a starry pattern that glows in the dark. The mental stimulation is gentle but effective for the developing baby. With blue walls, neutral carpet is a good choice, and you should avoid the darker woods or white wood. Both present too much contrast against the blue; the natural wood and oak is a gentler choice.

Creativity Is Character

Character decorations make terrific fodder for baby girl nursery ideas. From Dr. Seuss to Disney princesses to Dora the Explorer and Baby Looney Tunes, character decorations are ideal for decorating a nursery because they are easy to find. Don’t limit character ideas to cartoons; Noah’s Ark is a popular theme, as are Holly Hobby and zoo characters. Character themes provide a basis for other decorating choices.

For example, Noah’s Ark allows a deeper wood color choice for the baby furniture while Dora the Explorer and Dr. Seuss suggest primary colors and brightly colored bed clothes. For very young babies, the strong primaries are a better choice than the softer pastels to encourage mental stimulation. But for a nursery that promotes relaxation, softer shades are better.

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