Romantic Gift Ideas for Lovers
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Romantic Gift Ideas for Lovers

If flowers, ties and cards are just not cutting it as a romantic gift these days, you may want to try something new. These romantic gifts will show that special someone you are going the extra mile to show them that you love them. All you have to do is customize the idea to your lover’s likes and dislikes.

Trip Down Memory Lane

No one ever said that a gift from the heart has to be bought. A gift full of thoughtfulness can be even better. Think back to all of the special memories that you have shared with your significant other. Write a list of locations where each moment took place and then give your loved one the grand tour. Take him to the first place you realized you loved that person. Then take them to where you had your first date. Make sure to recreate each moment as best you can. Keep the tour going, ending with the most special place to you.

Nurture With Nature

If your certain someone loves taking care of the environment or is the outdoorsy type, why not center your gift around that love. Get a star naming kit and name a star after your sweetie. These kits come with a chart so that you can find the star you named. After you find the star, you both can look up at the star every night and make a wish on it together. Or, plant their favorite type of tree in the back yard and carve your initials on it. You can watch it grow throughout the years, together.

Design a Gift

If you are artistic, you can design your love a romantic gift from the heart. Most jewelry stores will let you choose designs, settings, metals and stones for unique pieces of jewelry. Try to choose a theme that means something to your romance. For example, if your wedding was by the beach, you could design your mate a ring with waves of gold or silver inlaid with water-blue stones. If your first date was to the zoo, you could design a pendant of the first animals you saw together.

The Small Things

Sometimes the small things are important and taking note of all the small things in your lover’s life can mean the world to him. Collect a dozen small items that your mate loves and leave them around the house for them to find. Some examples are favorite magazines, candy, flowers, coffee, newspaper, bubble bath, cologne and games.

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