Creative Game Ideas for Infants
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Creative Game Ideas for Infants

One of the joys of having a baby is playing games with your infant. Many parents enjoy singing songs and playing games that their parents played with them. However, after many months of singing the same songs and playing the same games, many parents are eager for creative games to play with their infant. When you play a new game with your baby, watch for your baby’s reaction to see if he enjoys the game. Since babies enjoy familiarity, be sure to keep playing games that your baby reacts favorably to.

The Buzz Game

This game can be played with an infant of any age. If your baby is sitting up, sit across from your baby. Otherwise, place your baby in a bouncy seat or infant seat, and sit in front of your baby. Make eye contact with your infant. Make a low buzzing noise and move your pointer finger into your baby’s line of sight. Move your finger in a circle and eventually land on the baby’s nose. Ask your baby where the bee is going to land this time and repeat the game. This time, make "the bee" land on another part of his body, such as his foot or cheek. You can also vary speed and pitch of the buzzing noise. Many baby’s laugh hysterically as the bee lands.

Dancing Lights

Babies over 3 months of age will enjoy this visual game. Put your baby in an infant carrier, bouncy seat or high chair, and turn the chair toward a blank wall. Softly play music that your baby enjoys. Dim the lights and turn on a flashlight. Move the flashlight across the wall in tune with the music. Watch as your baby tracks the light and enjoys the light show.

Funny Hats

Play this silly game with your baby once he is at least 6 months old. Gather several adult and baby hats from around your house. Sit in front of a full-length mirror and have your baby sit between your legs. Place one of your baby’s hats on your head and one of the adult hats on your baby’s head. Take turns putting silly hats on each other and laughing at your reflections in the mirror.

Flying Scarves

Once your baby is sitting up, he will enjoy this game. Gather several silky scarves and sit on the floor with your baby. Have him touch the scarves and talk about how smooth the scarves feel. Toss one of the scarves up in the air and tell your baby to watch it float down. Toss another one up and show your baby how to catch the scarf. For added fun, toss several scarves up in the air at the same time. You can also show your baby how to toss the scarves into the air. Once your child is walking, you can show him how to dance with the scarves. Be sure to supervise your baby at all times with the scarves to avoid him putting it over his face.

Clothespin Drop

Get a clean coffee can and several old-fashion clothespins (not the clip type). Put tape along the edges of the can to make sure there are no sharp corners. Place the coffee can on the floor and sit next to it with your baby. Show your baby how to drop the clothespin into the can. When the pin hits the can, yell "Boom!" Hand your baby the clothespins and help him drop them into the can. Be sure to cheer your baby on with a loud "Boom" each time the pins go into the can. This game is good for babies around 9 months of age.

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