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Themed Dinner Party Menu Ideas

Planning a dinner party is nearly always stressful, from the guest list to the menu. Choosing a theme for your dinner party menu can make the cooking and decorating easier and more fun for both you and your guests. Try planning an evening in Rome, a dinner visit to the Parthenon, a Mexican fiesta or a harvest celebration. Choose a dinner party theme that works with foods in season, and be sure that you are comfortable and familiar with the flavors, even if a specific recipe is new.

Dinner in Rome

Serve an Italian feast at your dinner party. Begin your meal with a platter of antipasti, including marinated vegetables and fresh mozzarella. Serve with fresh, crusty bread. Follow this with chicken saltimbocca accompanied by Parmesan risotto and a fresh salad. Pair your Italian dinner with a lovely Italian wine. Serve small cups of espresso and a rich tiramisu for dessert.

Party at the Parthenon

Go with Greek food for a warm, family-style meal. Serve spanakopita, pita bread and a variety of dips, Greek olives and tyropita to start your meal. Pastitsio, a pasta dish with beef or lamb and a bechamel sauce is easy to make in large batches and offers an easy and tasty dinner party option. Serve alongside a large Greek style salad dressed with fresh olive oil and red wine vinegar or lemon. For dessert, serve coffee, fresh fruit, Greek yogurt and baklava.

Plan a Fiesta

Have a relaxed indoor or outdoor dinner party with a Mexican-style theme. Start your meal with chips and a variety of salsas and guacamole. Serve several different types of enchiladas, accompanied by rice and beans for an easy main course that can even be prepared in advance. Opt for fried ice cream or sopapillas and honey for dessert. Offer Mexican beer and margaritas to drink, along with cane sugar-sweetened soft drinks.

Fall Harvest Party

Welcome the season with a celebration of the flavors and colors of fall. Serve a rich pumpkin cheese or curried pumpkin soup inside a pumpkin tureen. Accompany this with plenty of fresh bread and good cheeses. Roast chicken with plenty of garlic and an assortment of root vegetables for a main course. Finish your dinner with an all-American apple pie with ice cream and a caramel sauce. Look for a seasonal beer and apple cider to serve with your fall feast.

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