Home Organization Tips for the Kitchen
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Home Organization Tips for the Kitchen

Kitchen clutter is the bane of homeowners. Perhaps because so much time is spent in the kitchen, it tends to get neglected when it comes to organization. Before you hire a backhoe, step back and take a deep breath. There’s a method to the madness when it comes to kitchen organization, and it’s not as complicated as it looks.

Measure and Plan

Measure your cupboard shelves and drawers and purchase some baskets and stackable bins that will fit in the cupboards. These can be found at dollar and discount stores; look for items that will be easy to slide in and out of your cupboards.

Clean and Sort

Clean out your cupboards; anything you haven’t used in a year should either be discarded or sent to the garage or attic. Sort as you go so that all pots are together, all mixing bowls are in one place and all food items are grouped. If space is at a premium, clean one wall at a time.

Store Smart

Place small articles such as storage lids, packets of seasoning and sauce mixes and spices into baskets and bins as you clean. Pencils and pens can go in a basket with note pads; if you store medicines or vitamins in your kitchen, place them in a bin together.

Consolidate and Hide

Organized and Sparkling

Consolidate canisters and other food containers off the counter and into the pantry. The more objects on the counter, the more they will accumulate clutter around them. Consider storing the toaster, blender and other small appliances in a pantry or cupboard.

Add Storage

Consider installing shelving, a pantry or an island with storage if cupboards are scarce in your kitchen. Open shelves can become a focal point in a kitchen when filled with matching wicker baskets that are labeled for convenience.

Restock and Access

Refill your cupboards by storing all baking items, cooking items, storage items and eating items together in their own areas. Make sure the things you use the most are in the cupboards that are most easily accessed.

Plan for Further Organization

Shop your local home-improvement store for ideas to optimize cupboard space. There are bins, sliding drawers, pan-lid racks and drawer organizers available to customize your kitchen organization.

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