Honeymoon Ideas in June
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Honeymoon Ideas in June

June remains one of the most popular months for exchanging vows. But after the cake is eaten, the champagne uncorked and the last dance has ended, where will you and your new spouse be headed for your own personal celebration?
Honeymoons are supposed to be all about the couple. So find something that you both enjoy–don’t just go with the sandy beach because you think that’s what you are supposed to do. Pick a honeymoon that reflects your personality.

For the Outdoorsy Couple

– Camp or backpack at a national park. Montana’s Glacier National Park, Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park and Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park are great locations to visit in June.
– Head down under. In Australia, it will be autumn in June. Couples can enjoy a host of adventures without overheating.
– Go scuba diving. Whether it be off the coast of Hawaii or Baja Mexico, scuba diving is a romantic and exciting honeymoon activity. If you’re planning a short trip, get certified at a local training facility before you go.
– If you’re craving snow in June, head to Alaska. Opportunities abound in the summer months for recreation and wildlife. Make sure to take a short cruise during your visit.

For the Couple That Needs to Relax

– Take a cruise. Whether it be a cruise through the Canary Islands or the Greek Isles, there’s nothing quite like having dinner served promptly at 6 p.m., drinks provided and dancing on deck. Cruises are a great opportunities for couples to bond, without the pressure of decided when to eat and what to do.
– Relax on a sandy white beach. Locations with temperate climates won’t be too hot in June. Check out the Cayman Islands or Mozambique, which both offer beautiful beaches and comfortable temperatures.
– Plan a spa weekend. If the temperatures will be too warm at your preferred destination, try booking a long weekend at a local resort and spa. Couples can enjoy long massages, room service and dips in the pool.

For the Metropolitan Couple

– There is no better way to explore Europe than with a backpack and a new spouse. Make some loose travel arranges, buy a rail pass and start exploring.
– Head to Canada. The country to the north offers a temperate June climate along with some very interesting cities, such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.
– City hop along the Pacific coast. Why not spend a few days in Seattle and then head on to Portland? These cities offer a variety of attractions and are nice and cool during the summer months.
– Visit Ireland. This northern European country is beautiful in June.
– Visit northern South Africa. Experts say the northern part of this interesting country is beautiful in June. June is the heart of winter for South Africa and the temperatures are very mild.

For Service-Oriented Couples

– Spend your honeymoon building for Habitat for Humanity. The organization has numerous locations throughout the country and they are always looking for volunteers during the summer months. Couples can contribute to the cause during the day and then explore the locale at night.
– United Planet offers numerous opportunities for couples who’d like to serve. These honeymoon locations vary in June and the service projects could range from saving the rain forest to helping the poverty-stricken.
– Global Aware also offers service-oriented honeymoon ideas during the summer months. Travel locations include Laos, Cambodia, Peru, Vietnam and India.

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