What Do Men Want in a Relationship?
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What Do Men Want in a Relationship?

What a man wants in a relationship is determined by what type of man he is. Basically, there are two types of men. The first type are modern, self-assured and independent. They appreciate a strong, independent woman who makes her own money and lives her own life. The second type of men love their mother and want a woman who has a lot of her qualities. These men are sometimes labeled as “mama’s boys,” whether it’s accurate or not.


To determine what type of man you’re dealing with, pay attention. If he talks about his mother, home-cooked meals or how he wishes he had someone to keep him in line, your man is probably closer to a mama’s boy. This is especially true if he still lives with his parents. If your guy talks about work and how busy he is, he could be an independent guy. Independent men often live on their own or with roommates and are used to doing things for themselves.

Mama’s Boy Needs

Typically, the mama’s boy needs a woman who’s willing to take care of him. This can include cooking his meals, keeping house and washing his laundry. These men like to be mothered. They also like to know you are always there to comfort them when they’re down.

Independent Guy Needs

Independent guys, on the other hand, aren’t as dependent. They do their share around the house and expect the woman to do the same. They like that the woman has her own life.

What They Look For

Even though these two types of men are different, there are a few things that both of them want from the girl of their dreams. First, they want a woman with little to no drama. That means no game playing. Just be yourself. Second, they want someone to be their best friend and lover. Find things that you both love and make sure to do them together. Third, they want to be allowed to go out. A man may love you, but every guy needs a day out with the guys, and he needs you to understand that.


If a man is a certain type, you probably can’t change him into another type. Many women make this mistake. To give a man what he needs, you have to be comfortable with the type of man he is. If you’re the mothering type, it’s best to pair yourself with a man who likes to be mothered. If you love your life and just need a guy to make it even better, find a guy who is a lot like you.

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