What Type of Vitamins Help Fertility?
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What Type of Vitamins Help Fertility?

When you are trying to conceive, taking steps to improve your fertility can help speed the process and ensure a healthy pregnancy. Several different vitamins and herbal supplements do appear to improve or enhance fertility or help to prevent problems in the earliest part of pregnancy. Think carefully about taking any supplements other than a prenatal vitamin when trying to conceive, and consult your physician, naturopath or herbalist for further information and assistance in regards to what type of vitamins help fertility.

What Type of Vitamins Help Fertility?

Prenatal Vitamins

If you are trying to conceive, you should begin taking a prenatal vitamin before you become pregnant. You can select a vitamin at your local drug or health food store. Prenatal vitamins include the high levels of folic acid necessary to support a healthy pregnancy, as well as appropriate levels of both vitamins and minerals to nurture your body through conception and pregnancy.

Herbs to Support Fertility

Some herbal supplements can also improve your chances of a quick conception. Chasteberry, also called vitex, can regulate the menstrual cycle, ensuring an adequate luteal phase after ovulation. Many fertility teas on the market include red raspberry leaf, red clover or stinging nettles. These supplements are quite safe and can promote good blood flow and uterine health. Red clover includes a number of chemical compounds which replicate the effects of estrogen on the body and may improve fertility.

Natural Progesterone Cream

Used after ovulation, natural progesterone creams can improve the luteal phase. Implantation cannot occur if the luteal phase is too short, so this can improve fertility for some women trying to conceive. Used at the wrong time in your cycle, additional progesterone may have a contraceptive effect instead of encouraging conception.

Vitamins for Men

Men should consider taking additional vitamin C when trying to conceive. Supplemental vitamin C improves sperm motility. Additional zinc can also improve sperm health. A good, well-balanced multivitamin can also improve the chances of healthy and vital sperm.

What Type of Vitamins Help Fertility?

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