Swing Sets Recalled!
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Swing Sets Recalled!

The U.S. Consumer Product and Safety Commission and Kompan Inc., of Tacoma, Wash.have recalled swing sets due to a fall hazard.  According to the CPSC, the joint connection between the horizontal top beam and the vertical end bracket and support post system can crack and break. 

The recalled swing sets were sold by Kompan, Inc. from January 1998 to December 31, 2008 for about $700-$3250. The sets include the "To Fro" models listed below.


1 bay, 8 foot swing- S1-8X-XX
1 bay, 10 foot swing- S1-10X-XX
2 bay, 8 foot swing- S2-8X-XX
2 bay, 10 foot swing- S2-10X-XX
3 bay, 8 foot swing- S3-8X-XX
3 bay, 10 foot swing- S3-10X-XX
4 bay, 8 foot swing- S4-8X-XX
4 bay, 10 foot swing- S4-10X-XX
5 bay, 8 foot swing- S5-8X-XX
5 bay, 10 foot swing- S5-10X-XX
Contact Kompan at (800) 624-4869 for additional information.
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