5 Ways to Make a Potty Training Chart
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5 Ways to Make a Potty Training Chart

One of the most popular tools to use during potty training–besides the potty itself–is a potty training chart. A potty training chart provides a concrete way for you and your child to track potty training progress. You will want to create a chart that reflects your specific goals and methods for potty training. Post the chart near the potty for easy reference.

Sticker Chart

For toddlers who can understand long-term goals, a sticker chart is the perfect way to track progress towards an ultimate reward. Many parents and teachers create rows of boxes, placing a sticker inside a box when the child uses the potty successfully. When a certain number of boxes are filled–typically 20 or so–the toddler gets a small prize such as a bouncy ball.

Days of the Week Chart

Some adults prefer to create a potty chart that shows the days of the week. That way, you can record a toddler’s progress by the day. Create a grid with the days of the week at the top. You can fill in the chart under the appropriate days with symbols for pooping and peeing, if you wish.

Personalized Potty Chart

You can buy a potty chart with your toddler’s name on it, or make your own. Try creating a thematic picture, such as a bouquet of flowers with the centers blank, ready to be filled with a sticker or symbol when the toddler has a successful potty visit. Your toddler may want to color in the picture to be a part of the process.

Computer Template

Get your desktop publishing game on. Create a customized printable potty chart. Create a table with as many rows and columns as you wish. Add in some clip art for fun. Print a copy to hang by the potty. Keep a copy of the chart in your files so that you can print out a new copy when the first chart is filled.

Cartoon Characters

Some toddlers need a little extra encouragement to be motivated to use the potty consistently. Dora the Explorer or Elmo can provide extra fun. You can purchase potty charts with these characters. Drawing your own is another option that lets you choose any character in the world. Surround the cartoon figure with thematic symbols–such as backpacks for Dora or goldfish for Elmo–that your toddler can color in after a successful potty visit.

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