Destination Wedding Location Ideas
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Destination Wedding Location Ideas

A wedding should be a beautiful, romantic event set in a beautiful, romantic location. Occasionally, this cannot be found within your hometown. To achieve that fairytale wedding you have always wanted, sometimes it is best to arrange a destination wedding. These destination wedding location ideas fit well into varying budgets and taste levels.


Killarney, Ireland

The beautiful backdrop of rolling green hills and foggy meadows makes Ireland a romantic destination wedding location. Ideally, destination weddings should require few decorations since you will not want to ship and assemble all of the decorations once you arrive. With so much natural beauty, few décor items are needed. Additionally, as far as European travel goes, Ireland is fairly inexpensive. Combine the beautiful landscape and great prices with a fantastically jovial population and you have the perfect wedding in place.

Las Vegas

For those couples who like to have a little fun and adventure, the perfect destination wedding location is Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, a couple can get married by Elvis one hour and bungee jump off of a bridge the next. However, Las Vegas is not all about gambling and Star Trek nuptials. There are dozens of five-star hotels in Las Vegas that put on extravagant and luxurious events. The expert event-planning staffs at these hotels enable an eager couple to simply phone in their requests and receive nearly any style of wedding they may desire without the stress. Costs can vary greatly depending on the extravagance of the event. However, for a couple of hundred dollars you can marry in a small wedding chapel with photographs, tux rental, cake and flowers.

Cruise Ship

Grand Turk Island

A cruise ship is a fun place to have a destination wedding. Couples can choose to wed on the cruise ship or at one of the many stops the cruise ship makes. Consider a cruise to the romantic Bahamas, the exotic South American Mayan ruins or to the refreshing Alaskan coast. Cruises can also be kid friendly which may make a cruise ship wedding the perfect solution for a second marriage. Kids can swim in the pool, climb rock walls, catch a show or play some mini-golf. Cruise ships can also be an affordable option for larger families. Destination weddings traditionally gather smaller crowds due to cost concerns. However, some cruise lines will give group discounts that enable more family and friends to attend.


For an exotic wedding location that allows you to get the most bang for your buck, Mexico may be the destination wedding location idea you were looking for. With crystal-clear beaches and a great conversion rate, Mexico is attainable on most budgets. Mexico is also a great wedding locale for those who love culture. Visit the larger cities of Mexico to see original art by Frieda Kahlo and colorful houses and to hear native street music. Visit forested areas to experience the beauty of ancient ruins. For those who seek beautiful scenery with the comforts of home, a Mexican beach resort is just the place. Most of these resorts have English-speaking employees and cater to your needs nicely. For the best travel times, consider marrying between October and May. This will provide many of the nicest temperatures of the year.

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