Chair Exercises to Strengthen Legs
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Chair Exercises to Strengthen Legs

There are times in your life when it’s difficult to work exercise into your life. You can still strengthen your legs with exercises while sitting in a chair. Begin all exercises sitting straight, with your hips and spine on the back of the chair and feet flat on the floor. Make all the moves slowly and deliberately, focusing on each section of your legs. Check with your doctor before starting an exercise routine, especially if you have health issues.

Warm Ups

Spend 5 minutes warming up your leg muscles. First: lift your right heel off the floor, until only the balls of your foot remain on the floor; lower the heel. Repeat with left foot. Do 15 repetitions. Second; lift your right foot only a few inches off the floor, keeping the knee bent. Hold for a count of 5 and lower the foot. Repeat on the other side. Do repetitions.

Heel Lifts

Lift your right leg until it is held straight out, with your foot pointing upwards. Using the calf muscle, flex your foot until it is pointing forward for a count of 5, then return it to pointing upwards for a count of 5. Repeat this for 15 repetitions. Lower your foot to the floor and repeat on the left side.

Leg Lifts

Hold onto the chair and lift your leg until it is held straight out, with your foot pointing forward. Begin making 5 slow circles with your whole leg-leading with your foot and using the calf muscle-gradually making larger circles three times, with 5 repetitions at each stage. Then reverse the direction of the circle and reduce the size of the circle three times.

Thigh Squeezes

Place a firm object—such as a 6-inch ball, thick book or coffee cup—between your knees. Squeeze your thighs as you press the object 15 times. Move the object between the middle of your thighs and repeat 15 times.

Thigh Slides

Place a flat object—such as a piece of paper or a paper plate—on the floor. Place your right foot on the object and slide it as far as you can reach to the side. Return it to the original position. Repeat 15 times. Place the object under your left foot and repeat the sliding 15 times.

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