Creative Ways to Wear Neck Scarves
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Creative Ways to Wear Neck Scarves

A simple neck scarf can transform an outfit from dull to chic in an instant. The scarf is a versatile woman’s accessory worn with jeans, dresses or tank tops. The scarf is no longer relegated to business attire or to cold weather. Jazz up any wardrobe with a selection of neck scarves with bright colors, single colors and in a variety of lengths and shapes.

Around the Neck

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Wrap a neck scarf around the back of the neck and let the front of the scarf hang loosely. For a long scarf, add a thin belt around the waist on top of the scarf. Keep the scarf tucked in tightly under the belt, creating a V-line from the neck to the navel.

Tie a short silk scarf around the neck into a bow. Tie it into a knot, tight enough to stay put, but still loose enough to be comfortable. Tie the ends as if tying shoelaces, into a bow, making wide loops without the scarf ends showing through.
Wrap the scarf around the front of the neck, cross the scarf in back and let the ends hang down. Tie the long ends in a know or leave them alone. Reverse the scarf to have the long ends drape down in the front.

Around the Waist

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Wear the scarf as a belt by folding a long scarf lengthwise. Wrap it around the waist and tie a loose knot low on the hips. Wearing the scarf this way will elongate the torso and give your outfit a casual, bohemian look.

Fold a scarf into the shape of a wide belt and wear it around your waist for an impromptu belt. Try this look with a dress or with separates of the same color, to create the illusion of a dress.

Wrap a long scarf around the waist and tie a knot. This works best with a large scarf, as it will create the illusion of a skirt. Wear it on top of leggings or around the pool.

Create a loose belt with a long and thin scarf. Wrap it around your lower back toward your navel. Loop one end of the scarf over the other to create a loose belt.

Around the Head

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Tuck a neck scarf into a purse or diaper bag and you will be prepared for a hair emergency while you are out. Fold a square neck scarf into a triangle and place the long edge along your hairline. The the ends of the scarf under the back of your hair, to protect hair from rain or wind.

Experiment with letting some pieces of hair fall out around the scarf, bangs or long tresses from the sides of your head, for a face softening and flattering look.
Drape a long scarf on top of the head and wrap loosely around the neck for an instantly glamorous and mysterious look, even if you ran out of the house in sneakers.

Wrap the long scarf on the top of the head and let it fall loosely. Gather the fabric and pull it to one side, resting on your shoulder, for an asymmetrical look.

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