10 Fashion Tips for Pregnant Women
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10 Fashion Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is an exciting time: not only are you and your partner gearing up for the most demanding and rewarding job of a lifetime—parenthood—but you have a whole new excuse to go shopping, not just for baby gear, but for maternity clothes.
Clothing for pregnant women has come a long way in the last few decades. The shapeless smocks of yesteryear are out, and attractive, fashionable clothing is widely available at affordable prices. Take a bit of time to find some flattering clothing for your new body. Here are 10 tips for pregnancy fashion that will make you feel as good on the outside as your baby is doing on the inside.

Get Underwear That Fits and Flatters

Every fashion-savvy lady knows that a bra that fits can make you look slimmer and sexier. During pregnancy, your breasts will become fuller and larger, sometimes increasing by more than a cup size. Make the most of it by getting fitted properly at a lingerie or maternity store. While you’re there, take a look at their selection of maternity panties—you’ll be surprised at the selection and quality of what they have. And don’t feel like you’re being indulgent: remember, looking good starts with feeling good from the skin out, especially when you’re pregnant.

Resist the Temptation to Raid Your Husband’s Closet

Many women believe that, as their pregnancy progresses, the answer to their clothing dilemma is simply to wear bigger clothing—like their husband’s T-shirts or sweat pants. Don’t give in to this temptation. You deserve to look great during your pregnancy, and wearing clothes not cut to flatter your sexy new figure won’t give you the confidence you need to embark on this new phase of your life.

Don’t Wear or Buy Baggy Clothes

Hiding your swelling tummy in oversized pants and shirts or shapeless smock dresses won’t disguise your figure—it will only make you look larger than ever. When it comes to showing a pregnant figure in the best possible light, think form-fitting. It’s a weird paradox, but it’s true: figure-hugging clothes won’t make you look fat when you’re expecting; they’ll make you look slimmer and will show off the sexy pregnant lady that you are.

Look for Figure-Hugging Blouses

Check out your local maternity stores for tops that make the most of your baby bump. The most flattering are shirts with an empire waist, a low-cut neckline, side-ties, or a ruched, gathered hem under the tummy.

Get Sassy With Fitted T-shirts

Most modern women will only be pregnant a few times in their lives. Make the most of it with a few fitted T-shirts, cut specifically to flatter pregnant bellies. While most maternity stores carry a large selection of colors and styles, don’t forget to check out online retailers with cute pregnancy-themed T-shirts that feature sassy slogans like “I love my bump,” “Sex symbol,” and “Birth control is for sissies.” In addition, check out your local maternity specialty stores. Large department stores stock large selections of solid and print T-shirts, but your best bet for sassy shirts is at a smaller, pregnancy-themed shop or boutique.

Get Better, Not Just Bigger, Jeans

Jeans are the uniform of casual living, and that shouldn’t change just because you are pregnant. To get a flattering pair, however, pay close attention to the cut—it can make the difference between looking slim and fashionable or pudgy and about to pop. Your best bet is a bootleg-cut pair made of stretchy material with a cloth or adjustable waistband. When you find a cut you like, invest in a few pairs of different colors, if possible.

Wear Maternity Skirts With a Cloth Waistband

Maternity skirts that are khaki or black or made of denim are great choices. They are cut to flatter your fuller figure and will give you a welcome change from your maternity jeans or pants.

Wear Dresses That Accentuate Your Figure

The same rule that governs maternity tops is true for maternity dresses: lots of baggy, loose fabric means you look bigger and less fashionable. When wearing a dress when you’re pregnant is a must, look for empire-waisted dresses that tie in the back or figure-hugging dresses, preferably with shirring (gathers) along the side.

Trade High Heels for Trendy, Sturdy Flats

There’s no getting around it—wearing your normal shoes during pregnancy is a bad idea. Not only will your feet swell as you approach your delivery date, you’ll become more unstable as the baby grows and your tummy gets larger. However, this doesn’t mean you have to settle for fuddy-duddy shoes. As your pregnancy progresses, invest in some attractive flats that are comfortable and roomy and harmonize with the rest of your maternity wardrobe.

Don’t Forget Your Hair, Nails and Feet

While you’re pregnant, it’s easy to forget about yourself in all the fuss over the upcoming addition to your family. However, it’s important to your emotional and physical well-being that you continue to feel good about how you look. Take the time to get a flattering haircut, a manicure, or a pedicure, and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel about your changing body.

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