5 Ways to Clean a Dirty Room
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5 Ways to Clean a Dirty Room

It’s a dreary day and the kids have been inside, watching television and making a general mess in the living room. That’s no problem, until you get a phone call that company is dropping by for a surprise visit. Don’t panic. Even if the kids aren’t old enough to help, there are 5 things you can do to clean the room in no time.

Pick Up Trash

Pick up all the trash in the room. Get a large kitchen or yard trash bag and carry it with you, beginning in one corner and moving around the room. Don’t be tempted to shove that paper under the bed; you’ll just have to pick it up later. Don’t tie up the bag until you are finished cleaning, because you might find something else to toss.


Put things away. Carry a laundry basket with you and, moving around the room as you did with the trash bag, put everything in it that doesn’t belong in the room. If you pick up something on one side of the room that belongs on the other side, put it in the basket and then put it away when you move to its spot. If you are expecting company momentarily, put the basket in the closet and shut the door; you can put the things away after your company leaves.

Wood and Glass

Grab several dusting cloths–either the disposable type like the Swiffer brand or old towels and a dusting spray. Also get some cleaning cloths and a glass cleaner or white vinegar in a spray bottle. Dust all the wood surfaces first and all of the trinkets on the furniture; don’t forget the top of pictures and books. Then take the glass cleaner and clean mirrors and other glass surfaces.


Vacuuming is the fastest way to clean most floors. If the floor can be washed, use a mop dampened with hot water and white vinegar. The vinegar will help freshen the floor and dries quickly. If need be, throw an old bath towel on the floor and “walk” it around the room to get up any residual vinegar-water.


Spritz all the upholstered surfaces using a fabric freshener such as Febreeze. If you don’t have any, use an air freshener or light scented candles. In a pinch, simmer some cinnamon, cloves and ginger on the stove.

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