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Summer Eye Shadow Colors

There are different shades available to choose from for different skin tones when it comes to makeup. One major area to address with color makeup is the eye. During the summer, the color choices are brighter than the other seasons, as fashion and beauty take their cues from Mother Nature. Similar to a bouquet of fresh flowers with vibrant and bright colors, eye shadow colors for the summer can add confidence to your overall look.


As cool as the ocean and as calm as the deep blue skies, blue can provide the same effect when worn as makeup during summertime. For eye shadows, the color blue can complement just about any skin tone. For fair complexions, a powder blue applied over the lids can add the right amount of impact without being too overwhelming. Periwinkle and denim blue hues, on the other hand, are suitable on olive and dark skin tones. Navy and cobalt blue are also great choices, especially when paired with taupe color.


The color of vegetation, as if the tropical palm tree leaves the sway with the ocean wind, green is a refreshing color. From pistachio to sage, green can provide a vibrant hue that can exude boldness and confidence. Green is definitely not like the boring neutral palette worn regularly during the colder months. Forest green or emerald tones can make hazel and brown eyes glow. For those who want to play it safe with greens, moss green is a safe neutral choice.


To wake up your eyes during the lazy days of summer, choose yellow for your eye shadow. Yellow is quite an unexpected choice for makeup, but when used at the inner half of the lid, you will look awake and refreshed. Sweep it over the lid, and stop at the crease so that it will not overpower your eyes. Finish the look with a brown eyeliner and black mascara. For blue eyes, the pastel, buttery yellows can add dimension. Golden yellow looks best with hazel or brown eyes. Do not use yellow eye shadow on its own. Pair it with a neutral color such as light chocolate or light taupe on the upper half of the lid to give it more depth.


Just like many flower blooms, purple has many shades that you can choose from to use as eye shadows. Lavender and mauve would work well on fair skin tones, while amethyst and eggplant tones would work well with darker skin complexions. Women with green eyes would look stunning with purple eye shadows, especially when paired with purple eyeliner to frame the eyes. Avoid using purple if you have dark under-eye circles.

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