How to Write a Pregnancy Announcement
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How to Write a Pregnancy Announcement

Finding out you’re pregnant is an exciting time for parents. When and how you announce a pregnancy should be fun, and not stressful. Make the announcement when you and your husband are both ready. The announcement should come in the form of a phone call when initially telling your parents and your best friends. If you have other children, they should also be among the first to know. Everyone else, from aunts and uncles to friends and acquaintances near and far can receive a more formal pregnancy announcement.

Step 1

Decide when you want to make the announcement. Some expecting parents tell everyone immediately. Others wait six weeks or three months, especially if they have had a previous miscarriage. Some parents may wait until they know the sex of the baby to make the big announcement.

Step 2

Create a homemade paper announcement by folding piece of card stock in half. Cut the paper in half to make two announcements which are connected at the top. Use a fun colored paper or some decorative scrapbook paper with a baby theme from the craft store.

Step 3

Write a teasing message on the front of the announcement. For a pregnancy that is a a couple of weeks or months along, write, “Yes, we are…” or “The rumors are true….” Or write, “Please set another place at the Thanksgiving Day table for….” if the baby is due near Thanksgiving, or insert another holiday. Surprise pregnancies can be introduced with, “Our world was just turned upside down….” written on the front of the announcement, with the fold on the bottom, so the opening is on the top. Or use a famous quote about babies from (See Resources)

Step 4

Reveal the pregnancy inside with the rest of the message. Write the names of the parents, using first and last names and the approximate due date of the baby. “Jack and Jill Hill are pleased to announce the pending arrival of Baby Hill on June 7, [insert year].”

Step 5

Incorporate the names of siblings, including half-siblings in the announcement, if you already have a child or children. “Emma Jones has a secret….” the announcement could read on the outside. Write “She’s going to be a big sister” on the inside, which will work regardless of baby’s sex. Continue with, “Her happy parents are expecting Baby Jones on March 15, and they wanted to share the good news with you.”


  • Do not try to give one to all of your co-workers, as someone might get left out. Instead, post one on the bulletin board or in your office space.

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