How to Have Fun at a Dinner Party
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How to Have Fun at a Dinner Party

Going to a dinner party can be dull if you don’t have a game plan beforehand, and especially if you aren’t good at mingling. Before you go, try to find out who is going to be there and what the party’s theme is, if any. Then try these tips. You’ll have such a great time that you won’t want to go home early.

Step 1

Take a friend you really enjoy hanging out with if it says “plus one” on your invitation. This way you know that you will always have someone to talk to if the party is not your style of fun. You both can grab some drinks and some comfy chairs after dinner and talk until it is time to leave.

Step 2

Have a goal. Goals make going to events an adventure. Some sample goals are trying to meet at least one new person, getting a phone number from a cute guy or girl, or making a business connection.

Step 3

Make it easy for others to talk to you. Wear something that will start a conversation. If someone can ask you about your beautiful scarf or tie, for example, breaking the ice is easier.

Step 4

Come prepared. Arm yourself with a few witty jokes and a few news or entertainment topics for conversation starters. Tailor your topics to the type of people you know will be there. For example, a conversation about the latest high-profile court case would go over well in a group of law firm associates. A conversation about the latest celebrity adoption may fare better in a group of parents.

Step 5

Suggest a game. “I Have Never” is an example of a fun game you can play after dinner. Taking turns, have people say out loud one thing that they have never done. Each person gets a point for every other person who has never done the thing either. The person with the most points after three rounds wins. This game offers a great way to learn new things about the other guests.


  • Don’t have too many drinks. Nothing ruins a dinner party faster than being the drunk who makes a fool of himself.
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