How to Choose a Baby Stroller
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How to Choose a Baby Stroller

A baby stroller is one of the most important items to buy for your baby, since it most likely will be used a lot. There are many types of baby strollers, including full-size, lightweight, jogging strollers and strollers which seat more than one baby. In addition to the large variety of strollers, there is a wide range in cost. For instance, lightweight umbrella strollers can be bought for about $10, while full-size and designer strollers may sell for hundreds of dollars. With all the choice, it may be difficult to select what’s best.

Step 1

Keep in mind the age of the baby. Certain strollers are not intended for younger infants. For instance, jogging strollers should not be used until a baby is over six months of age. Lightweight umbrella strollers require a baby to have control of her head and neck, and therefore may be best for babies over six months. A good choice for a newborn may be a full-size stroller with a travel system. A travel system includes an infant car seat, which fits onto the stroller.

Step 2

Decide where you will use the stroller. This may be the most important consideration. If you travel a lot or will be using the stroller daily, a lightweight stroller may be a good choice. This type of stroller is easy to fold, get in and out of a car and transport. A jogging stroller is an option for moms who plan to go running with their baby.

Step 3

Test it out. Push the stroller to determine how smooth it rolls. Strollers with larger wheels may provide a smoother ride for your little one. Pay attention to the height of the handles. If you are tall or very petite, you may want handles which are adjustable. Push the stroller around a corner, to determine how it steers.

Step 4

Look at accessories. Certain strollers have attachments, such as a tray and a drink holder. Other accessories include baskets underneath the stroller. This may be helpful if you are taking your baby on long outings.

Step 5

Think about safety. Younger infants should have a seat which has a five point harness. Many full size strollers have this feature. A seat with a three point harness may be acceptable for toddlers. Determine if the seat reclines. Younger babies will usually need a stroller which has a reclining seat since they don’t have the neck strength yet to keep their head stable. Look at the size of the base. A narrow base may tip over more easily when a child leans forward. Look for a JPMA seal. This means the stroller received a certification from the American Society for Testing and Materials, which tests strollers for safety.

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