How to Boost Sex Drive
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How to Boost Sex Drive

Not only is low sex drive a frustrating circumstance, it can be damning to a relationship. When one partner constantly is rejected by the other, tensions build. When tensions are at a high, it often is the case fights will arise and the strain will persist. Low sex drive is caused by any number of problems related to psychological reserves, hormonal changes, physical health and relationship problems. While it often is difficult to assess the main cause of the problem, a well-rounded approach to treating the issue will leave both you and your partner with a big smile.

Step 1

Talk with your partner about your low libido. Often the problem is because of a disconnect in the relationship. Whether there is an unresolved issue or you have grown too comfortable with your partner, this talk might help to break down some crucial barriers.

Step 2

Reduce stress in your life by making some time for yourself. The University of California at Santa Barbara states that many times, stress and anxiety dampen sexual desire. If you cannot manage your own stress levels or are feeling depressed, it might be time to seek a counselor so you can get your sex drive back on track.

Step 3

Eat more bananas. Bananas are considered one of the best foods to boost sex drive. Not only are they full of great minerals such as calcium and potassium, they also possess traces of androgens. Androgens are male hormones. These male hormones can boost sex drive in men and women.

Step 4

Have fulfilling and enjoyable sex frequently. When engaged in sex, especially during orgasm, the body releases endorphins and dopamine. These hormones help you to feel pleasure. They also are the same hormones related to addiction. When sex releases these hormones frequently enough, you find yourself wanting sex more often as your body desires that hormone flush.

Step 5

Enter a physical competition such as a marathon or sports team. Physical activity goes a long way in boosting sexual desire. Exercise can rejuvenate you by making you feel energized and more willing to engage in sex. It also has been shown a little healthy competition boosts sex drive. Furthermore, if a person feels unattractive and out of shape, they are less likely to want to have sex. Getting in shape might be just the thing you need to regain that amorous feeling.

Step 6

Talk with your doctor about your medications. The Mayo Clinic points to many antidepressants, hormonal birth-control methods and blood pressure-lowering drugs as the cause of low sexual desire. If you are on prescription medications and want to boost your sex drive, it might be as easy as switching your medications.

Step 7

Utilize aromatherapy throughout the house. A study released by the Smell and Taste Treatment Research Foundation reports some smells can raise sexual desire by 40 percent. To boost a man’s sex drive, a combination of lavender and pumpkin pie seem to do the trick. For women, it is cucumber and candy-coated licorice smells. Place a few candles and plug-in air fresheners throughout the house for the best combination.


  • Never eliminate a prescription drug from your regimen unless advised by your prescribing doctor.
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