Understanding Men’s Body Language
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Understanding Men’s Body Language

Both men and women communicate non-verbally. Body language is one form of non-verbal communication, which can help you you better understand men and what they are trying to say, as well as what they are not saying. Some body language–including face touching–has dual meanings and needs to be read in context.


Use body language cues to discover if a man is open. Look for gestures that signal openness, as opposed to a body in rest. Rather than seeing if he is standing with his legs wide, note if he widens his stance when you are looking at him. Other cues that he is open include widening the distance between his arms, bringing his shoulders back, and straightening his posture.

Sexual Interest

Clue into men’s body language signs indicating sexual interest. Men will hold their glaze a couple of seconds beyond a normal glance to show a woman he is interested. His eyes may look at one eye, then the next, then glance down your body and back to your face, holding your glance. If you hold his glance, he will know you are interested. Further signs of sexual interest include him touching his waist or playing with his belt loops. Face touching can indicate a man’s interest if you are at the flirting stage, or it can indicate he is lying if you confront him with uncomfortable questions.

When to Approach

Figure out the best time to approach a man about a difficult topic, and when to retreat, by understanding his body language. Approach him when he is open. Retreat from a discussion if he is determined to simply demonstrate his power, by tapping his hand or finger for emphasis. Recognize when he is close to giving in or agreeing when he looks down, becomes still or grins sheepishly.


Determine if a man is deceiving you by reading his body language. According to David Livingstone Smith, turned down palms, a thinning of the lips, stiffening of the body and pulled in elbows are all body language cues that lies are being told. Also look for broken eye contact and a tightening forehead in a man’s body language.

Not Interested

Learn to read a man’s body language that tells you that he is not interested. Negative body language, at an early stage of meeting someone or spending time with him, indicates a non-interest. In established relationships, the negative body language a man uses can be a way of saying he would rather be left alone. Negative, or closed body language includes crossing of the limbs and eyes diverting away from you or down.

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