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Hip Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Hip baby shower invitations offer an alternative to traditional card invitations. A few simple steps allow you to create custom, hip invitations for a baby shower. The shower theme, gender of the baby and preferences of the mom-to-be influence the details of the shower invitations.

Collage Invitations

Create a homemade collage invitation for the baby shower. Choose decorative scrapbook paper with hip patterns such as animal prints, modern patterns or abstract art. Using card stock as the background, layer the scrapbook paper in desired patterns. Add embellishments to the custom invitations such as ribbon, photos, card stock frames and sequins.

3D Items

A three-dimensional object related to the baby shower theme offers a departure from traditional card invitations. Ideas include a rubber duck, baby diaper, decorative diaper pin, baby bottle or small baby toy. To add the party details to the object, use a permanent marker to write the information directly onto the object. Another option is to print the details on decorative paper, using a ribbon to tie the information card to the invitation item. This option increases shipping costs but creates a hip and custom invitation idea.

Sugar Cookies

Appeal to the taste buds of the baby shower guests with edible invitations. Cut-out sugar cookies offer a stable invitation base with many hip decorating possibilities. Choose baby-related cookie cutters along with your favorite sugar cookie recipe. After the cookies are baked and cooled, use icing to add decorative detailing. Use a darker shade of icing to write the party details directly onto the baby-themed sugar cookie invitation. Since the cookie likely won’t last long, it’s a good idea to include a paper version of the party details for future reference. While sugar cookies are more stable than other sweet treats, a layer of packing material to prevent breakage is a good idea. If the shower guests live nearby, hand-delivering the cookie invitations is a good option.

Photo Invitations

A photo of the mom-to-be makes a custom invitation idea for the baby shower. A general baby-related photo is another option if the mom-to-be doesn’t want to feature herself on the invitations. For a more modern, hip look, use a photo in black and white or sepia. Consider the other elements of the photo to pick one that fits the hip theme desired for the invitations. Most online photo sites allow you to upload a picture and add the wording for photo invitation cards.

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