Homemade Baby Photo Albums
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Homemade Baby Photo Albums

A homemade baby photo album captures special memories from the beginning of your child’s life. Creating the album by hand adds a sentimental touch to the project, making it a keepsake for the entire family to cherish. The key to making a photo album for a baby is to have fun. There is no right or wrong way to create the album. The more personalization and details you add, the more precious the result.

Step 1

Select a theme for the baby album. Ideas include a general theme based on the gender, rubber ducks, animals, baby toys or geometric shapes. Consider matching the theme of the baby book to the theme of the baby’s nursery for a personal connection.

Step 2

Choose the base for the homemade photo album that fits the theme selected. Consider a scrapbook or a journal with blank pages. These allow you to customize each page while providing the convenience of already being bound.

Step 3

Determine which photos to use in the baby album. Consider the age range you wish to cover, balancing the selection of photos throughout that range. Organize the photos chronologically, grouping pictures together that will appear on the same page.

Step 4

Use decorative scrapbook paper to create frame backgrounds for the pictures. Cut the paper slightly larger than each photo so the excess creates a frame around it. Attach the picture to the scrapbook paper using acid-free adhesive. Adhere the framed pictures to the pages of the album.

Step 5

Choose embellishments that fit the theme of the album and the pictures on the page. Craft stores sell stickers and other embellishments. Consider keepsake items that relate to the photos, such as ticket stubs to family events or hospital wrist bands from the baby’s birth. Attach the embellishments to the pages.

Step 6

Add captions to each picture to remember the details of the events. Include dates and short descriptions of the photos, creating a condensed journal of the baby’s life.

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