Naughty Valentine’s Day Gifts
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Naughty Valentine’s Day Gifts

There’s no better way to spice up your Valentine’s Day than with a naughty gift for your significant other. If you’re the shy type or new to being naughty, you may not be sure about what to pick and how to get it home discreetly. No problem. Shopping online for gifts gives you privacy while you shop, and most sites will deliver the items in unmarked boxes.

Sexy Lingerie

This naughty gift may seem like a no-brainer, but why not amp it up a notch? Choose some sexy outfits that have a theme, such as naughty maid, teacher or cowgirl. Sites like 3Wishes and specialize in these types of outfits.

Bondage Kit

Bondage may bring to mind leather and whips, but you don’t have to be so hardcore with your gift. There are plenty of “fluffy” bondage kits that aren’t so intimidating. These include soft handcuffs, fluffy riding crops and feather ticklers. These types of bondage kits can be found at sites such as Sensual Direct and

Naughty Games

Naughty games can heat up the bedroom, so the perfect gift may be a book like “Naughty Games for Grown-Ups,” by Jenny Thomson or a naughty board game such as Sexy Treasure Hunt from Got to Have It Romantic Gift Creations or Loveopoly from

Body Candy

You can make kisses and nibbles more inviting on Valentine’s Day by giving flavored body powder, lick-able massage gels and oils and candy underclothes. Purchase these at sites like Adam and Eve and Urban Decay. You may want to buy several different flavors that can be put on different parts of the body. Remember to think about your love’s favorite flavors when picking these edible items.

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