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Ways to Give Your Husband a Valentine's Day Present

Picking out a creative, meaningful gift for your hubby is only half the task. Presenting your Valentine’s Day present is another bouquet of roses or balloon bouquet. Here are a few guidelines for a smooth presentation and sure thing.

Things You’ll Need:

Greeting Cards *
Flowers *
Champagne *
Boxes Of Chocolates *
Ball Game Tickets *
Massage Gift Certificates *

Step 1

Determine what your husband’s gift-related expectations are for Valentine’s Day this year. If he loves the hype surrounding the day dedicated to love, think about an elaborate presentation – perhaps design a treasure map or riddle that will lead him to his gift. If he considers the day just another display of rampant consumerism, present your gift (preferably handmade) in a low-key way.

Step 2

Choose a gift that won’t make him panic when he sees it, meaning one box that has an unassuming, nonaggressive size. If he sees eight regally wrapped boxes stacked one upon the other, he’ll surely become insecure about his one gift to you.

Step 3

Consider asking what he’d like for Valentine’s Day to give him a hint that you’re planning on giving him something, especially if you’re new to the relationship and aren’t exactly sure how the two of you might celebrate the day (with our without kids)

Step 4

Plan an unconventional present, say, a singing valentine sent to his workplace or a surprise lunch at that restaurant he’s been dying to try

Step 5

Invite your hubby to join you for a glass of Champagne before you celebrate the evening. Give your present after you toast your love

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