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Hints on Getting Pregnant

Trying to conceive is exciting but often trying. If it takes too long to get pregnant, you may be frustrated, worried or just plain tired. Sex can become a chore instead of a joy as you watch ovulation tests and take pregnancy tests. In many cases, it’s simply a question of knowing your body and timing sex accordingly to get pregnant quickly.

Know Your Cycle

Knowing your cycle is key to getting pregnant. Check your cervical fluid and basal body temperature each day. Look for cervical fluid with an egg white texture to signify fertility. Ovulation will show up as a temperature increase when you take your resting temperature each morning before getting out of bed. While you can use ovulation predictor kits to determine ovulation, having sex daily or every other day while fertile cervical mucus is present will increase your chances of conception.

Have Sex

While this may seem obvious, a lively sex life will increase your likelihood of achieving pregnancy quickly. If you are typically having sex two to three times a week, you’re apt to be hitting fertile periods naturally and without effort. There’s no reason to limit sex when trying to conceive, and regular ejaculation may ensure good quality sperm with better motility. Fortunately, libido often increases along with fertility, making it likely that you’ll want to have sex at the right time to make a baby. Sperm count and motility may be higher in the early evening, so consider making time for a before-dinner romp. While there’s no evidence that one sexual position is better than another, you may want to stay laying down with your bottom propped for 15 minutes to allow sperm plenty of time to reach the cervix.

Get Healthy

Healthy parents are more apt to conceive quickly. A checkup with your health care provider to review medications and your health history may be a good idea before you start trying to conceive. Start taking a prenatal vitamin when you are trying to conceive. Dads-to-be should take a multivitamin as well. Conception may be quicker and easier if both parents are active, eating well and of an appropriate weight. Stop smoking now and eliminate alcohol consumption. Reduce stress, as it may interfere with successful conception.

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