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Popular Colors for Kids’ Rooms

It is always fun to decorate a kid’s room. You can choose a theme out of story book or out of a favorite cartoon show. With a kid’s room, yours and your child’s imagination are the only limits. One of the first things you do when decorating a child’s room is picking out the colors to use. Many colors are available to you–anything from softer pastel hues to vibrant jewel tones. Whatever color you choose, make sure that it is something your child will enjoy.


Commonly associated with girls, pink is a lighter shade of red. In general, pink is a feminine color that is popular among little girls. Animated princess characters often wear pink ball gowns with matching jeweled pink tiaras.

A study conducted by the University of Quebec, Department of Psychology, and supported by grants from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, Quebec, showed that little girls have a strong inclination towards toys, such as dolls and stuffed toys, furniture and other personal effects including clothes, jewelries and shoes that are pink.

Different shades of pink are available from pale pink to fuchsia or hot pink. Creating grids or stripes of pinks in alternating light and dark shades can make the room look more visually appealing. Create a focal wall by painting it in dark pink while the other three walls in pale pink. Accent the room with bedding, floor rug and drapes all in pink.


While pink is a common feminine color, blue is masculine. Blue, in terms of temperament, is cool, transparent and tranquil. Blue makes you think of clear blue skies or clear blue waters. Substantiated by the same study that investigated pink for girls, boys prefer blue on clothes, toys and other things. Using blue bed sheets and linens are more common for boys’ rooms than in girls’ rooms. Even in the choice of curtains and decorative patterns, the blue color palette is more prevalent in male children’s rooms.

In similar fashion suggested for the pink room, using varying shades of blue can give a boy’s room added visual appeal. Create a checkerboard wall pattern with light and dark shades of blue for a playful look. Use blue bedding, floor rug, window covers and accessories to complete a blue room for boys.


Yellow is another popular color palette for kids’ rooms because of its brilliant and intense golden color. Aside from white, yellow reflects more light than any other color palette. This color is a cross breed between orange and green. Yellow is a color you can choose if you are preparing for a child’s room whose sex is unknown. According to the Think Quest website, yellow can stimulate the brain, making the child more alert and decisive. Yellow is a happy and uplifting color that also makes muscles more energetic.

Varying shades of yellow are available from pastel yellow to sunny yellow. Using different tones of yellow can make a room more playful. Accent the rooms with items that complement yellow, such as brown, green or red to break the monotony.

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