How to Get Straighter Hair
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How to Get Straighter Hair

Having a bad hair day can put a damper on the best-laid plans. Whether you are faced with humidity from Mother Nature or heat from your central heating system, the frizzies and natural curls can sometimes go wild. Knowing how to make your hair straighter can make your morning routine more enjoyable.

Step 1

Apply a thermal reconditioning treatment to your hair. Thermal reconditioning changes the structure of the hair it is applied to. It is the same chemical treatment used in perms; however, when used with a hot flat iron instead of perming rods, it provides straight hair that will hold its shape for six to 12 months.

Step 2

Use a heated flat iron tool. Flat irons come with either a metal or a ceramic plate and achieve straight hair by pulling it through the iron plates with an “ironing” effect. A flat iron’s heat can be damaging to your hair, but using a straightening gel or balm before applying the iron can help reduce that risk.

Step 3

Blow dry your hair with a brush and blow dryer. A blow dryer used on wet hair when combined with constant brushing in a straightforward motion will help you have straighter hair.

Step 4

Wrap your hair in the largest rollers that your hair can handle and let dry before removing the rollers. Remove the rollers only after hair is completely dry and gently run a brush through it until it is straight.

Step 5

Get a Brazilian hair straightening treatment at your local hair salon. The keratin protein solution crystalizes the hair shaft and when used in combination with a flat iron tool should provide perfectly straight hair. The effects of this treatment wash out, so remember to reduce the frequency of your hair shampoos.

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