Weight Loss Programs & Camps for Children
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Weight Loss Programs & Camps for Children

Overweight children often find it difficult to lose excess pounds at home because of the lack of physical activity, support and discipline. In addition, munchies are everywhere and easy to get to. Fortunately, weight loss camps or programs are available to help overweight children win their battle with the bulge. Parents can choose a camp with a proven track record and that offers a supportive, fun, healthy and caring environment to ensure the child’s success.

Camp Shane

Owned and operated by the Ettenberg family since 1968, Camp Shane offers summer weight loss camps for young boys ages 7 to 19, girls ages 7 to 17 and young women ages 17 to 25. Camp Shane provides a compassionate environment that develops the self-esteem of young children through fun and healthy activities. The programs include arts and crafts, adventures, hi-tech activities and many more. Medical supervisions and nutrition consultations help children the proper way of eating. For example, children are taught proper portion control. Furthermore, children learn how to cook the food they normally eat every day, the healthy way.

Some of the fun activities offered by Camp Shane include, but are not limited to, horseback riding, mountain biking, bowling, hiking, wall climbing, paintball war, camping, mini-speed boating, rowing, tubing, water skiing, riding the canoe and wake boarding.

TV shows such as “The Biggest Loser,” “The Tyra Show” and “Oprah” have all featured Camp Shane, adding to its popularity. Camp Shane has accreditation from the National Camp Association and the State of New York Department of Health.

As of May 2010, the fees are $3,500 for three weeks, $6,100 for six weeks and $8,175 for nine weeks.

Camp Shane
302 Harris Road
Ferndale, NY 12734

Wellspring Camps

Wellspring Camps offer weight loss summer camps in California, Florida, Hawaii, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, Vancouver and the United Kingdom.

Wellspring provides a fun-filled summer camp that includes activities, such as abseiling, kickboxing, dancing, caving, canoeing, snorkeling, swimming and rock climbing. The program includes a low-fat, low-calorie density diet that children can learn and follow easily even after they leave the camp. They learn to cook food that they love using healthier ingredients.

Wellspring offers programs for the entire family, so parents and children between the ages of 5 and 15 can have a family vacation together.

The fees vary, depending on the type of activities participants sign up for.

Wellspring Camp

New Image Camps

New Image Camps provide an atmosphere that encourages health and wellness through programs, such as nutrition, cooking, sports and other outdoor activities. They help children build lasting relationships with new friends and mentors. New Image Camps offer a summer packed with activities in two camp locations–Camp Pocono Trails and Camp Vanguard.

According to the New Image Camps website, they offer a four-to-one counselor-to-camper ratio, where each child receives the individualized attention. A small group of 30 allows kids of the same ages to interact with each other and form friendships.

Kids will learn how about good nutritional habits and how to make good lifestyle decisions while developing stronger bodies and self-esteem. Some of the activities include, but are not limited to, fishing, swimming, tennis and kayaking.

As of May 2010, the prices are $2,190 to $8,590 for Camp Pocono Trails and $2,850 to $7,590 for Camp Vanguard.

New Image Camps
P.O. Box 417
Norwood, NJ 07648

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