Are You Jealous of Your Nanny?
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Are You Jealous of Your Nanny?

I’ve been very very lucky to find the best nanny in town for our family — she’s everything and more and in a short time, has become part of our family. Her daughter and son come visit my 7-month-old baby, they come on saturday just to say hi, she helps us tremendously. She goes above and beyond her job, which is to take care of our baby. She’s amazing.

She Cleans

We really wanted to find someone that would help us straighten up the house so that when both of us come home it wasn’t a total disaster. Not only did she do that, she’s organized drawers, re-organized closets, cleans out the fridge — it’s amazing.

She Goes to the Library

Almost everyday, she takes a little blanket, a bottle for the baby and takes the baby to the library for story-time. If there’s no story-time, she goes and picks out games to play and books to read. She brings home pamphlets of all the events going on, and plans play dates with other nannies. They walk to the ocean, go to the park, she makes sure the baby is always doing something educational. Oh, and she’s never had the television on when I’ve come home early — I love that.

Does She Love Her More Than Me?

I was always worried about this, because other moms had told me stories about their kids falling in total love with their nannies. Though this is one hand of course, good news, it’s also a little heartbreaking. Of course, you want your kids to be with someone they love every single day, but maybe my daughter loves our nanny just a little too much…

She Cried

Yesterday when I got home from work, my daughter seemed happy that I was home, but returned to playing with her blocks 30 seconds after she saw me. Then, Gabby started getting her purse and put her coat on and headed for the door. My baby turned around, followed what she was doing, and upon realizing she was headed towards the door started bawling! She was reaching her arms out to her like she wanted her to pick her up! She has never once done this when I leave to go anywhere– how strange. When the nanny walked back in and picked her up she started laughing and cooing again. It kind of made me sad.

Away From Her

I am away from my baby roughly 9 hours a day and it kind of killed me to see. I was once the person that was with her all day long, playing, walking, pushing the stroller, going to the market. We were buds. When I had to go back to work, it was very challenging for me, but I thought harder for me than for her. Now that she’s starting to recognize people and build bonds with them, I think she knows who she wants around. I kind of wanted to cry, that she picked the nanny over me. I miss her during the day so much, I just want her to be happy to see me at night. I only have a few quick hours with her from 5-7 to bathe her and put her in bed. I want them to be wonderful…

Did You Have the Same Thing?

I’m sure I’m not the only mom who has faced this dilemna and again in a way, it’s a good sign that my baby loves her nanny. But I am so torn about it. I wish there was a compromise, or I could see her more somehow. On the weekends she remembers who her mommy is and we have a wonderful time. But what happened yesterday, will it happen again? Will she love the nanny more than me? I’m kind of jealous…

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